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ETR-10, Tropical Grass Roof Thatching
ETR-10, Tropical Grass Roof Thatching

Tropical grass thatch is a renewable resource for roof thatching in your project at home or business. It crea te an instant tropical thee to your building or structures. Can be themed into tradeshow booths, and Point of purchase sales displays.

Our elephant grass is longer and heavier than the regular palm thatch, its leaves are wider, thicker and longer. It have been used for generations in the tropical area of Africa and Asia for roof thatching. It is abundant and will re-grow to maturity in one year. It is considered to be a sustainable resouces.

It is woven together with bmboo strip into panel of 43"H x 36'L. It  is  1" in thickness, overlaps to 6" when installed over plywood. Color can be varied due the nature of natural grass.

Key Features

  • Easy installation. Minimum recommended pitch is 30 degrees, longevity will increase with pitch increase.

  • Add tropical theme to your rofing project.

  • Excellent for commercial indoor and outdoor decoration.

  • Can be use indoors or outdoors.

  • Water proof when installed 6" on center.

  • Assembled nd ship in panel.

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Price: $8.81

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