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Estate Cedar Wood Planters. Spring is almost here! Ideal for your business green landscaping.


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Green Store Decoration

Visual merchandising will do a break for your business in a highly competitive business environment. Make your business stand out by going green to show that you care about how your business present itself.

Get your customer attracted to your door, get their attention, show them the best you can offer, in a unique way, using rapidly renewable rustic and natural materials from the nature like bamboo, recycled oak wood.

Environmentally conscious design and construction can reduce a building’s life-cycle costs — the total cost of building, owning, and maintaining the structure. Techniques begin with the building’s siting — its relationship to the sun, trees, and other things —and can include all of the building’s materials and systems. There are literally thousands of environmentally preferable building items to choose from, ranging from structural products made from recycled materials to flooring made from non toxic or renewable materials.


There are a few areas where a store or a business can do in running a green store,



Show your customers that you care about what matter the most to them and their future by going Green & Natural. Our  uniquely designed Green Store display & decoration products will make a statement for you & help your business grow and be profitable.

Engineered BambooGridwall
H display unit, oak wood color, use standard gridwall accessories.

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