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Green Store Recycling

If you can't reduce it, or reuse it, recycle it. Recycling is the process of collecting, processing, marketing, and ultimately using materials that were once discarded. For example, newspaper can be recycled into insulation, packing material, wrapping paper, and more newspaper. Plastic pop and water bottles are recycled into lumber that is used for making durable park benches

Recycling can save companies money by reducing the cost of garbage disposal. Though some recyclers provide this service for free, even in cases where a recycling service cost extra money, recycling is still cheaper per ton than garbage service.

Recycling is good for a diversified economy. For example, on a per-ton basis, for every job created at a landfill, recycling sustains 10 more jobs just through sorting alone. Also, recycling provides manufacturers with material to incorporate into new products.

Recycling is a serious business within a green business. This is one of the effective way to conserve resources and cut down waste. This a also a law that every business have to follow, make sure you’re in compliance with state, local, and federal recycle regulations. This gives your beyond-compliance efforts a solid foundation.

Create a reuse and recycling culture. Set up a workplace recycling system for paper, plastics, aluminum, and glass. Remember that wasted materials are wasted money. Be innovative: Examine manufacturing processes for opportunities to increase materials-use efficiency; rethink product packaging; consider composting food waste; and research recycling programs for unwanted electronic equipment. Encourage all employees to reconsider operations with reducing, reusing, and recycling in mind. If you do a lot of shipping inbound and outbound, packaging carton and material need to arrange with a commercial recycling company, or buyer of recycled carton, you will be surprise the money you can get from them. We recycled everything in our warehouse and we buy from Used Carton Service company most of our packaging material. It saved us and our customers money.

Lets Get Started!!

Select a Recycling Coordinator. Appoint or ask for a volunteer to serve as the "official" company Recycling Coordinator.

Know What to Collect

By conducting a basic Waste Assessment, you will have a good idea of what recyclable materials your business generates, as well as an estimate of how much it generates. In most offices, paper makes up the majority of the waste stream- sometimes up to 50%.

By considering those materials that make up the majority of your waste stream, you can create a list of several recyclable items to include in your initial Recycling Program

Understand the Role Markets Play in Material Recyclability

The recyclability of a material is influenced by two key factors: if there is demand for that material and if the recycling of the material is economically beneficial.

Decide on the Collection Method

There are generally two collection methods available for office recycling programs: source seperation and commingled collection.

Keep Recyclables Clean

Quality is important to recycling. Keep all recyclables clean and free from contaminates outlined by the chosen recycling service provider. Contaminates come in a variety of forms depending on the type of recycling program. In office recycling programs, examples of common contaminant include food or wet waste put in with recyclable materials (like a pizza box or lunch bag from a fast food restaurant), paper towels, carbon paper, or an aluminum can put in a paper recycling bin.

Recycling Hauling Options - Drop-off or Pick-up Service?

Determining cost effective hauling options for recyclables can be one of the greatest challenges for small- and medium-sized businesses. Often times these businesses do not generate the amount of recyclables needed by a commercial recycling company for pick up service. For this reason, it is very important to be realistic about quantities of recyclable materials generated by your business so you can make the best hauling choice. Also be sure to check with your local municipal recycling coordinator, because your local municipal recycling drop-off site/facility may accept materials from local businesses.

Program Implementation

Once you have selected a drop-off method or pick up service provider for your recyclables, it is time to implement your program. To begin the set up process within your company, consider the following items: internal collection container locations, the role of custodial staff, promoting your program through education, and recycling signage

Monitor Your Program


Once your recycling program is in place, it is important to monitor its progress in variety of different areas so you can evaluate its cost effectiveness, employee participation, and environmental impact


There are a few areas where a store or a business can do in running a green store,



Show your customers that you care about what matter the most to them and their future by going Green & Natural. Our  uniquely designed Green Store display & decoration products will make a statement for you & help your business grow and be profitable.

Engineered BambooGridwall
H display unit, oak wood color, use standard gridwall accessories.

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