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Estate Cedar Wood Planters. Spring is almost here! Ideal for your business green landscaping.


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Green Store Operation

Lower your energy needs. Encourage employees, maintenance crews, and others to turn off lights, computers, and other devices when they are not in use, especially after hours and on weekends. Consider installing timers where appropriate to ensure things get turned off

Equip with efficiency. Buy energy-efficient equipment. According to the Energy Cost Savings Council, the average building owner can cut energy costs up to 60% by replacing outdated, inefficient electrical equipment with new, high techelectro-technologies, a potential savings of$1 per square foot of space.

Use energy-efficient lighting. There are thousands of lighting products available, many of which offer significant energy savings and improved lighting. Examples include occupancy sensors for frequently vacant rooms; ballast upgrades and reflectors for fluorescent fixtures; compact fluorescent lights in place of incandescent bulbs; timers to turn off lighting at fixed times; and energy-efficient exit signs. Many of these can pay for themselves in as little as a few months.

Be smart with heating and cooling. Make sure your building has proper insulation and double-paned windows, and fix your building’s air leaks. Simply maintaining your heating and cooling systems can reduce your heating and cooling bills. A poorly maintained heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system uses more energy and wastes money. Systems that are checked annually and kept in good condition use less energy and last longer.

Keep equipment running smoothly. Your equipment comes with maintenance schedules; follow them rigorously. You’ll keep your company’s efficiency. This means replacing filters, cleaning compressor coils, tuning up burners, lubricating umps and motors, and keeping your motor fleet tuned and ready for work. As standard operations, recycle your waste oil and solvents, and use biodegradable lubricants and hydraulic fluids. Your equipment will run more efficiently and reliably, and you’ll save time, energy, and money

Green your energy sources. Contact local power providers to see if they offer electricity from renewable-energy sources like solar, wind power, and other sources

Reduce and conserve water. Locate and fix water leaks routinely. Conduct a water audit to find faucets and toilets that leak and have them fixed as soon as possible. Promote water-efficient landscaping, called xeriscaping. Other outdoor water-saving practices include mulching, timed irrigation, and nighttime irrigation.

Install water-efficient fixtures. Consider low flow aerators for faucets, and “dams” or other services for toilets. On toilets that use a spring loaded ever instead of a handle, install water saving diaphragms. When building or remodeling, eek out low-flow appliances and devices.

Reuse water. Collect rain water for irrigating or other non-potable uses. Reuse water in manufacturing and rinsing procedures: recirculate  cooling water; eliminate plenum flushes; convert from continuous flow to intermittent flow; improve control of the use of deionized water

Green your printing. Whether you print in house or contract with outside printers, look into environmentally friendly printing products and processes. Whenever possible, use recycled paper that is bleached without use of chlorine. Seek out printers that use water-based press cleaners and soy- or other vegetable-based inks. When designing printing projects, avoid elements that reduce recyclability, such as foil stamping, adhesives, and plastic bags

Encourage alternative transportation. Your people have to travel, but they don’t have to pollute. Get behind an employee vanpool or carpool program, and offer those who don’t drive incentives to take mass transit. Also, provide environmentally friendly options for those who drive, such as transit subsidies, preferred parking for carpoolers, and racks or lockers for bicyclists

Green your fleet. Purchase or lease vehicles with the highest possible fuel economy, or those that use alternative-fuel sources, such as electric, hybrid, or fuel-cell vehicles. Whatever vehicles you use, have them tuned regularly. Keep tire pressure sat recommended levels, in order to increase fuel efficiency. When having vehicle serviced, make sure mechanics dispose of used oil, brake fluid, and other substances properly

Make your meetings matter. Try to teleconference, rather than travel to a meeting; if you absolutely need the face time, stay in green hotels. Another way to offset the eco-ills of business travel: invest in a program that will plant trees to absorb the carbon dioxide created by your trips. Host environmentally aware meetings and events. While you’re at it, reduce your travel and conference budget, and impress on clients and stakeholders your widespread commitment to sustainability.

Reduce employees’ commutes. Give your employees the option of telecommuting, putting in a reduced workweek, or working variable hours. Studies show such programs improve employee productivity and retention. When appropriate, allow employees to work at home one day a week. Arrange for computer hookups, extra phone lines, or other low-cost technologies to allow employees to “plug in” to the main office from home.


There are a few areas where a store or a business can do in running a green store,



Show your customers that you care about what matter the most to them and their future by going Green & Natural. Our  uniquely designed Green Store display & decoration products will make a statement for you & help your business grow and be profitable.

Engineered BambooGridwall
H display unit, oak wood color, use standard gridwall accessories.

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